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The Huawei Honor 6x is an android smartphone released October 2016. It features a 1920x1080 LCD screen, and Huawei’s first dual 12MP rear facing cameras.

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Should I buy an OEM battery or an original for a phone from 2017?

I have an Honor 6X with a strongly decreased battery life so I started looking for a new one. The original ones I was able to find are also from 2017 but the OEM ones are often newer.

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@fenndweller always be cautious when sellers use the term OEM. It is usually only the manufacturer of the device that has access to the OEM, so in your case Huawei. Sellers use the term OEM very liberal to describe batteries that are build to the same specs as OEM's. Anyhow, I would be comfortable with purchasing a newly manufactured from a reliable supplier instead of an "older" original battery.

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