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Repair and disassembly information for Samsung's Galaxy A22 Android smartphone, released in July 2021.

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Headphone port blocked, will not connect

Yesterday the headphone port was fine and operational, now the jack will not plug in fully.

Sound continues to come from phone, and not headphones.

There is nothing obviously stuck in the port, but it will not work! Is there some other way to clear it, or check it?

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Mi celular no reconoce mi chip pero todas las funciones estan completamente bien.


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It sounds like either a piece of headphone jack is stuck in the port, or the port itself is damaged. iFixit does not have a guide yet, but I will link a video guide here that shows you how to get to the board that has those ports. The specific part that shows you how to get to it is at around the three minute mark.

In addition, their are also tools that can help to dislodge pieces of headphone jack from the port. I'll link it here, but note that it requires a lot of patience to remove debris using this method.

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