Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle Pro - causing weird house lights flickering

Following the death of my old british highlander kettle, lasted well over 30 years, I decided to buy a temperature controlled kettle, pretty useful for making teas that require different steeping temperatures.

It's a nice and not too expensive item, well designed as water is in touch with stainless steel only and it's powered by 1.8Kw that makes it fast enough for heating, but not too excessive.

However, I noticed an odd behavior that makes me wonder about its engineering. Whenever it's about to reach programmed temperature, whether boiling at 100Cº or a much lower 70Cº, it makes lights in the house flicker for the last some 10/15 seconds. No problems until it reaches about scheduled temperature, thus it wouldn't seem related to power itself.

House is properly electrically fit with fairly new cabling, grounding is redundant, the old kettle that was more powerful and other electrical power greedy appliances such as ovens never causes/d such an issue.

I can stand 15" lights flickering with no problem, but I wonder what the issue may be and if it might cause distress or damage to other electrical appliances one way or the other.

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@arbaman sounds like it's drawing plenty of amperage and I wonder if that is what causes the flickering. I assume your plugs are properly grounded and wiring is adequate. Is the light and the plug possibly on the same circuit? What the amperage of the fuse on this circuit? Do you have anything else on that circuit? Remember that some of these Kettle (depends on where it was made have a pretty substandard wiring and connections) check on that as well


@oldturkey03 Wiring and grounding are fine, as well as plugs, I went for quality all the way and the electrician is a personal friend besides a pretty good Pro. On the same fuse (kitchen) there are the dishwasher and infrared oven too, which are by specs much more amperage greedy than the kettle, but never caused anything as such.

What puzzles (and a bit worries) me is why the kettle would draw excess amperage when it gets close to programmed temperature and why..a design glitch ? I tried testing voltage when that happens to see if there's a drop, but no, that stays stable at 230V too when I expected it to drop as a consequence.

Lights go flickering on other fuses too, except for halogen lamps.


@arbaman than this leads us back to the kettle again. I wonder what the resistance of the coil is when it reaches the temps you are describing. Possibility of some bad (low quality) filtering caps?


@oldturkey03 Yeah, I cannot find reasons to think otherwise, as I said on the same plug I used an older more powerful kettle forever with no issues. I've no idea what's inside as circuitry, not been tempted to open it until now ;) Any idea if it could lead to some issues ? it's just 10/15 " but multiplied by thousand times..


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