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8.0 Megapixels, 3.6x optical zoom, 2.6" LCD Monitor

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Is there a way to separate the LCD from the backlight?

Is there a way to separate the LCD from the backlight? My LCD cracked so I bought a replacement. I removed the LCD+backlight combination part and I can't figure out how to separate them. And I can't find either of the other two parts for sale (backlight or combination unit).

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Edit: added pictures. In pictures with both LCDs, old LCD+backlight combination on bottom, new LCD on top. It's not obvious from the pictures, but the combination unit is about twice as thick and has 2 electrical plugs (extra plug is for the backlight).

Update (05/23/2022)

I have a replacement LCD display (without backlight). I tried prying the backlight apart from the outgoing LCD and it won't budge. Is there a trick for it?

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I believe (or hope) this video will help, most canon will have the same setup and it looks like your photos. Worth a look, I can't tell for sure,. But that metal on the side looks like the frame on an lcd screen that lets you change the cold florescent tube(s), which fits. Good Luck

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@uchetil I believe that the backlight for these screens are actually an LED backlight instead of a CCFL


And you are correct, but the remainder of the assembly is (in the one in the video, an 1100D Canon EOS- Rebel T3i / 600d and possibly in the S80 too) the same, diffusion layer, polarizer etc just the light source is different. Hmm, could be I missed your point, I shouldn't. Have introduced a possibly confusing reference.


Thanks for the video. I carefully slid a spudger around the perimeter and was able to get it separated. The corners were particularly difficult because the plastic frame is very thin and I didn't want to break it.

The backlight on my model (Canon Elph 330HS) is actually just a thin metal strip (about 4 mm wide) with 4 LEDs in a line and pressed up against a reflective translucent white sheet that disperses the light.

One tricky part is to gauge exactly where to put the spudger. There are several micro-thin layers and you have to look at the new LCD part to see exactly how thick it is.

Anyway, it's all back together and working perfectly. I hope this is helpful to someone.


Thanks for the feedback, @stefan_s glad it helped. Since it worked for you kindly 'accept' this answer, thanks and congratulations! Cool! (Dating myself with that I guess)


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