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3rd Generation high performance tablet computer released by Apple in October 2018. Models A1876, A2014, and A1895.

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Thin vertical grey lines on ipad screen

Today I noticed a group of thin grey lines that run horizontally across the screen from the bottom to almost the top of the iPad. The lines appear on the screen, but when I take a screenshot and open the image on my computer the lines aren't there, so I'm assuming it's a hardware issue?

It's always been covered in a protective sleeve, but yesterday I sprayed disinfectant on it and I'm not sure if this has caused water damage. Bought this iPad about 2 and a half years ago so it's not covered in the Apple care+ warranty anymore.

Has anyone had similar experience and what did you do? Should I try letting it dry out in the case of water damage, or just take it to the Apple store and bear with the repair cost :/

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Take it to a reputable repair shop, Apple will just rip you off. Lucky for you the replacement screen is relatively inexpensive, you should be able to get it fixed for under $400 USD.

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