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Which screws where on back cover?

Several of my screws have fallen out of the back cover, a common problem with the Lenovo Ideapad. I purchased a replacement set of screws however, it did not come with any instructions, just a bag full of screws. I found the hardware maintenance manual however it just tells me that I will need five - M2 x L8.5 and four - M2 x L5.5 screws and no information is given as to which ones go where. It would normally have been an easy swap but because some of the screws are missing I don't have a reference.

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Colleen Deis now I am confused, but that could be related to my age. You know that the screws you need are

five - M2 x L8.5

four - M2 x L5.5

I now assume they just threw those screws in a bag (as usual). Get a pair of calipers and measure the outside diameter of the screws on the threaded part, not the head of the screw etc. The ones you need are 2 millimeter diameter and 8.5 millimeter and 5.5 millimeter respectively. Looks like the manual shows what the screws are supposed to look like (Torx head).

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