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anntena repair almost no reception

I have almost no reception on my phone. can the antena be repaird or replaced ???

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Yes, it's possible, more likely not the antenna... but... first lets see if that's what is wrong. There are a number of things you can try that may fix things.

. 1. You can simply restart the phone, this will sometimes work.

  1. You can try a different sim in your phone and/or your sim in a different phone.
  2. You can try changing settings and resetting your network this video walks you through how but which settings you should choose depends on your carrier.
  3. Try a soft reset

# If none of that works make SURE you know your google login and password; back everything up, then try a factory reset. Then, if the problem persists, consider hardware, come back and holler for more help. Or holler if you just need more help to do the above. Your owner's manual should suffice though.

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I should probably point out that if you are too far from the nearest cell tower or too many users for the coverage, especially indoors vs. Outdoors the problem may not be your phone at all.


i have already done all that. needs internal repair


@toyotatacoma Then your next stopwould be here and possibly ifixit for the needed tools? Or the businesses listing or a local shop if you don't feel comfortable with DIY. You might want to disassemble it first and take a look inside for possible damage or perhaps just a loose connection. Before you order parts.


thanks Juan.


thanks Juan. i did dissasemble the phone and unpluged all the cameras, charger board, mother board from the back. did not seperate the screens or remove them. made shure that every thing was clean. no water damage indicators were red every thing looked okay. the gold ribbon wire that connects the chargeing board to the moter board popped loose on one end when barley touched ??? was not plugged in all the way ??? plugged that end back in and it was much harder to get it unplugged. reassembled the phone. it works better but still get intermintent recepton. but at least it works and i can make calls with out dropping.


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