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The Galaxy Watch Active2 is a smartwatch from Samsung Electronics. Its model number is SM-R825, SM-R830, or SM-R835 and was released in August 2019. Repair your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 with these guides.

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After replacing battery, Galaxy watch shuts off to "cool down"

I assume that there's a battery temperature sensor that did not get properly reconnected, but I can't find anything that would tell me where to look. The watch is fully charged. I can turn it on, but within 15 seconds, the screen says "Watch turned off to cool down", and then it shuts down.

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Alright, I have a probable answer. I took the watch apart again, and the connector from Step 4 wasn't seated properly. 🤦

When I reassembled the watch the first time, I thought that maybe, since they lined up when I put the two halves back together, they would make a firm connection, but they did not. When I took the watch apart again to investigate, the connector was clearly not attached. I reattached it firmly, reassembled the watch, and powered it back on. The watch stays on now, so I'm pretty sure that was the issue.

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Hello Karl, was this fix long lasting for you ?

I have similar troubles and I also converge to the fact that this cool down situation seems to be linked with the quality of this connector (bad contact ?). It seems that when I fully disconnect this connector and let it disasaembled from the mother board, the cool down issue is disappearing (at least for the last 36 hours ...). I am thus losing the heart sensor function, but at least all other functions remain available ...

Rem. : on a first attempts, it didn't worked : I then reopened the watch to discover that the connector had ... reconnected (due to the tighness of the watch case in fact). So on a second attempt I put a small piece of tape on the connector to isolate it.


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