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Fridge warm freezer fine?

Just looking for a bit of advice…. My hoover 50/50 fridge freezer has stopped working. The fridge isn’t receiving any cool air from the freezer. The fan is working fine and there are no blockages that I can see. I’ve taken the internal panel off the freezer and some of the pipes are thick of ice (see pics). Could this be the issue? Thanks 😊

Block Image

Block Image

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If you can, move all frozen foods into another freezer then shut off this freezer for a thorough defrost. Leave the door open to defrost faster. Once fully defrosted, turn power on and let it run for a few hours. Monitor inside temps. It should be at 0F or below for proper operation.


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That looks like a normal amount of frost build-up that the defrost cycle will eliminate. Without model number of the unit it is harder to give exact info, but either the tstat for the fridge section isn't working, or the damper between freezer and fridge isn't working. It uses cold.air from the evap in the freezer to cool the fridge

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