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Why is my monitor losing signal after a few minutes?

I am using a hdmi to vga adapter that I have used for over 1 year and it started losing signal after a few minutes ,so I bought a new one which did the same thing. I bought a couple more after that ,but they all so the same thing.AMD Ryzen 3100, Gigabyte a320m s2h motherboard and a RX 570.

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Hi Anonymous,

If multiple HDMI -> VGA adapters are doing it, then it's safe to assume it's not the adapters.
Have you tried hooking up a monitor with straight HDMI to see if that also loses signal, as when using an adapter?

If straight HDMI also loses signal, we have a little more information.
Either a bad HDMI port, cable, or the graphics card is unhealthy.

Have you made sure all drivers are up to date?

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Drivers are updated and my pc works on tv won’t turn off when I used the vga monitor on my Xbox though.


@Anonymous The RX570 has 5 outputs, if I remember correctly. DVI, 2xHDMI and 2x Display Port. Have you tested both HDMI ports thoroughly?

One test I would do, is to test the one HDMI post as you've been using. When the issue shows up, switch to the other HDMI and see if that does the same.

If both do the same, test the Display Ports the same way, and lastly the DVI


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