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The Sony TCM-919 is a portable and lightweight cassette player with audio recording capabilities. This device of the 1990's is equipped with a 3-digit tape counter, microphone, and auto-shut off, and a front speaker system.

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My TCM-919 player is not spinning

I put on the batteries already but when I press play or record nothing is moving but it make noises but no music from the tape and I can see the tape is not moving

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There is only one way: use this guide and open the device. Switch it on. Have a look to the gears, perhaps you can see a broken rubber belt?

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How can I know if the rubber is broken or not?


@iitoobb Step 5 picture 3 of the above guide shows the rubber belt from the motor to the spindle. That is the belt that will have to be present.


Thanks , I’ll try to find a new rubber belt because mine looks more loose


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