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Repair and disassembly information for Samsung's bean-shaped Galaxy Buds Live wireless earbuds. Released in August of 2020. Identified by model number SM-R180.

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Doesn’t Sound Loud

Just got these and I already can’t hear anything even at the loudest 100% settings. How could this be fixed? I still hear absolutely everything outside the earbuds at 100% and at 50%, it hard to hear…

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Hi @rebbs,

That's very unfortunate. I'll ask some questions below and if you can get back to me ASAP I will be able to help

Firstly, how old are these?

Are they brand new or refurbished?

Are they from a reputable brand?

Are they still under warranty?

Could you please explain the issue clearer as it's hard for me to understand your question

Is this with one earbud or both?

Have you tried with multiple phones?

Have you tried with multiple apps?

Have they (Either the earbuds or the phone) sustained any previous damage?

If the above is yes, who was it repaired by?

Cheers from down under,

Nick P (Please note I will be going overseas for a week on monday 4:30 pm AEST and not answering for that week until the 12th)

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