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A70 wont turn on or charge

the phone is a friends and he told me that it just randomly shut off and since then never turned on or charged again, he said that only once did it vibrate after plugging it in but nothing afterwards, I replaced the battery but still nothing changed, I think the charging port works too because when I plug it in I can feel the motherboard warm up, I don't know what to do now and would love to get some help getting this phone back on

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Hi there,

If your phone is Warming up but does not Power on or Charge, this could Indicate that specific Circuits are fried.

Another indication is that the Screen could also be dead and may need replacing. You could have a look under a Strong Magnifying Glass or a Microscope and see if any of the Capacitors, Resistors or Mosfets are burned on the circuit boards.

Take a look at the Power Port closely and try to Test it with a Tester to see if the Power from the Charger is reaching the Board . Make sure the Charger is outputing correct voltage and amps. Usually 5v @ 1amp ot 2 amps anything more or less could cause problems.

If the problem is too intricate to test, you can take it to you local Fix it shop... Hope this helps !

thank you,


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its propably the motherboard if you ask me, but shouldn't the phone still vibrate even if the screen is dead? And I tried the charger that came with the phone and my own charger but both didnt change anything sadly,I will try opening the motherboard and look at the circuits then


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