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This was Toshiba's first netbook released to the United States in 2009. The NB205 provides competitive performance while providing an attractive consumer price tag.

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Is my Mother Board good or did I burn out something?

I accidently plugged in the DC plug into my dual fan cooling unit (that the netbook sits on) which was plugged into USB port & I think it sent power into USB port & burned out something, cause now I can't get screen to come on & I don't hear the drive start up only thing that comes on is the lights in front & I hear the fan start up but doesn't stay on for long. PLEASE HELP ME!! I'm on disability & really can't afford to take it to a shop, I'm hoping I can do this myself. :-) THANK YOU IN ADVANCE ... :-) :-)

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Russell Scott, the first thing you want to try to do is to reset your computer.

1: Turn off computer

2: Remove AC plug and battery

3: Hold down the on/off button for 10 seconds (this discharges residual power from the laptop).

4: Plug in AC plug (leave the battery out) and switch back on.

See what happens after that. If that still does not get your computer to turn back on, it may be time to open it up and to take a look at the mother board and power supply.

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