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LG's G series flagship Android phone released in April 2019.

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Re-Assembly Adhesive Advice

I am looking to replace the battery in my LG G8 ThinQ. I've found the guide, and the replacement battery itself. The one step I'm having difficulty finding advice on is how to re-adhere everything once the battery has been replaced. Any guidance or advice would be MUCH appreciated!

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I guess my main question is what adhesive material should I use to hold everything together again.


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put a squiggle down like a small one just enough to hold like b,t,e,a,c,d6000,7000 adhesive so Ya that Ezzy just makes sure u would be able to get it out too if needed to replace the battery again u know how batteries are and Carful of the board and Ribin cables it is glue u know

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super glue can work too but it's not really meant for it can melt certain plastic screens and battery's so do some research


I'm not sure I follow. Put a squiggle down?


small amount but not too much


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