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Les machines NUC (Next Unit of Computing) d'Intel, de petite taille, ont été présentées pour la première fois en 2012.

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How to weld a HDMI port into NUC5i7RYH?

Hi everyone,

The HDMI port of my NUC came off the motherboard, it seems the weld was not good.

I visually inspected the the motherboard and I can not see any damage.

Also I managed to remote the pc with teamviewer, so all the rest seems to be working fine.

Do you know where can I buy a new HDMI (mini) port for NUC5i7RYH ?

I know a bit of welding but it would be great if someone can help me with best practices or advice on how to do this successfully.

Thanks in advance!

Update (07/19/2022)

I am really grateful for your quick answer! I am attaching to this message a couple of pictures, hopefully they are of any help. If not please let me know, more than happy to upload more. Also I am based in London.

In regards to the weld, besides the 4 main pins, how do I need to handle the micro pins. Do I need to weld them as well? Or they just need to be in contact. I am bit worried about misalignment or false contact.

Thanks again for your help!

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @verdu

Here’s a link for the part you need

£0.22 12% Off | ChengHaoRan 1pcs 19Pin C Type Sinking plates 0.8mm SMT+DIP foot Gold plating MINI HDMI Female Socket

You need to ask them for a type B one

I also recommend ordering about 5 of them if you haven’t soldered before as it’s better to be safe rather that sorry

These parts are coming from China as it’s the only place I could find them so I would select the faster postage to get them over to the UK ,that what I do as in from Scotland so I’m not too far away from you:-)

As for putting the micro pins on the board,it’s is recommended that you solder them as if you don’t they can be Mia aligned however I have seen people get away with out soldering the micro ones and just the main legs but if you want a solid repair that you are confident will last I would do it


Just adding to the last comment (I ran out of characters XD)

There is a easy way that need skill and that is getting a hot air rework station like this one here:

And soldering on the micro pins by heating the other side it the board

This method saves you going over all the pins individually with a soldering iron and if you do it with low melt solder it’s even easier!

Also get some good quality flux like this stuff here as it makes jobs a lot easier (I can’t live without it)

But make sure to clean it up after with isopropyl alcohol (make the job look nicer if it’s cleaned and has other benefits!

If you need any help at any step of the way just ask me ask I’m here to help you and I have been in this situation before and a helping hand goes along way



Hi @hellomacos,

You are a legend! I got 10 HDMI type B and the hot air rework station.

I've never use one of those, I am assuming you have to heat the board and the iron goes where is hottest. I will be looking for tutorials online but if you know good ones please share!

Thanks again for your help and for sharing your expertise! ^_^

I will keep you posted when I get the HDMI Female Sockets



That’s great:-)

Just so you have a better understanding of the tools

Hot air rework station:it blows hot air that’s hot enough to melt the solder and for ports works best on the other side of the board so you don’t burn the connector

Soldering iron:much more concentrated heat that’s good for doing one thing at a time like cables or preparation for components

Here’s some tutorials

Hot air tutorial

Soldering iron tutorial

If you want more real life situations in the videos I recommend watching videos by Lewis Rossmann or NorthRidgeFix on YouTube as they have 100s of videos doing all sorts of soldering

Your most welcome for the help and just let me know if you need any help at all as I here for you!



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You can find all sorts of mini and normal HDMI on eBay and AliExpress

All you have to do is find one that looks as close as you can get to your one as sometimes the legs can be in different places but the pins main pins are in the same place

If you provide me what country you are from and a photo of the port I can find you one

Here’s how to add photos

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As for putting it on the board you can solder them on with some low melt solder and a soldering iron with a very fine tip

Or if you have the skills you could do it with a hot air rework station but you would still need a soldering iron

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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