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This guide will enable you to be able to repair any issue with your PowerBeats3 Wireless Earphones

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volume control button cover came off


With my earbuds the buttons of the volume control came off. I believe they still work just fine. The glue or adhesive just gave up. What can i use to glue them back down, and is there a preferred way of applying said adhesive?


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From what you have said I would use the TESA tape that ifixit sells and cut it to the shape you need

If you can provide some photos I can better help you however this may not be necessary

Here’s a guide in how to add photos

Also here’s a excellent video on how to repair the volume buttons on any beats in ears

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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I have added a photo!



Thanks for the photo

You could use tesa tape or b7000 glue like in the video

It shouldn’t really matter as ether one will do a good job

Just follow along with the video and your beats will be good as new!

If you need any more help just let me know



@stinder, when your volume keys cover came off, did the cable on the bottom also "tear?" I have a similar issue, but it may be more severe and gluing the cover back on will not solve my issue with the bottom cable assembly being torn.


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