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The Samsung NX2000 is a digital smart camera with a detachable external flash that was released in late 2013.

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Why isn't my Samsung NX2000 connecting to my computer?

I haven't used my Samsung NX2000 in a couple of years but i recently went to a wedding and took some pictures. Now I want to transfer those photos to my computer but it's not working, it's not showing up when i connect it with a USB. I have windows 11 so I don't know if that's the problem.

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Hi @m1t8

Have you tried a different known working compatible USB cable?

Have you checked in Win Explorer (Win Key + e key - both together) to see if the camera appears there, you didn't specify?



I've tried different USB cables and it didn't show up when I checked in Win Explorer. Also checked to see if my USB drivers needed updating but that wasn't it either.


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Hi @m1t8,

It may be that the USB controller in the camera has a problem and that it is not communicating with the PC.

At the very least it should show as a new USB drive in Windows Explorer.

If you need the pictures in a hurry perhaps try connecting the camera to your WiFi (WLAN) network (if you have one) and then send the pictures to your email address (see p.125 of the user manual)

Alternatively, remove the SD card from the camera and insert it in a USB card reader and attach that to your PC. If you haven't got a card reader already, search online for USB card reader to find suppliers that suit you.

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