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Sony Bravia KD55A1 Black and Wont Turn On (even after hard reset)

Hey iFitIt Community,

Recently had my Sony Bravia KD-55A1 tv stop working.

Any ideas on what might resolve this?

(or How can I troubleshoot the electronics? To check which board is failing )


While I was watching Disney+ the whole TV frozen and was totally unresponsive.

After unplugging it and replugging it in it still was unresponsive - just leaving us with a black screen and no sound.


(to get the TV with green light at bottom, but still black)

  • Unplugged tv from power. Then holding the "On" and "Volume -" buttons together (on the TV itself) while plugging it back into power. All we get is a green light at the bottom, which is apparently supposed to mean that Android is resetting.


I've tried the following things to get the TV to work but none has:

  • Holding power on remote for 30sec
  • Replacing power cable
  • Removing all connect devices (including hdmi)
  • Going into self diagnostic on remote (Using buttons Display, 5,vol -, power on)
  • Leaving it unplugged for several hours
  • Holding power button on tv, then plugging back including
  • Tried shining a flash light at tv (not sure if it works with OLED)
  • Turning the volume up all the way (in case its just the picture)

Unsure what to troubleshoot next.

Any advice?

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Back light has gone. Probably needs a new board as something has Probably blown. Google the make and model and 'back light circuit board' and see if there is a replacement part for it. Good luck.

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Thanks! I'll give that a shot and let you know how I go.


Any news?? Mine is in the same situation.


@AntB, I have the exact same issue with the same model Sony Bravia KD55A1, tried everything you did also and just green light, as it’s an OLED there’s no back light, did you manage to find out what the problem / solution was? Many thanks


Hi all, I have similar issue with my KD65A1, tried all the above steps, all I'm getting is the green light and nothing else.

Could anyone suggest doing anything else that may have resolved this issue?


Hi all - Exact same issue with my 2018 KD-55A1. Seems like a common fault but has any identified the exact board? And any leads as to who resolve this in London?


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@antb32721 I am sure that by know you have it either fixed or replaced already. This doesn't sound like backlight failure at all and not sure how that became the accepted answer. This "the whole TV frozen and was totally unresponsive" and "no sound" are not typical of failed back lights in any model. The primary suspect on this is the main board followed by the T-con board/circuitry if your TV has one. I would have started with that.

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