How to find front blower moter

Find front blower motor

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If the blower still runs, have the engine idling and turn on the blower on high speed so you can hear it then try looking inside under the passenger front side center with or without a floor console blocking the hvac box. Large vehicles may have the hvac box on one side of the engine compartment nearest the passenger side. There should be several hoses; one pair for the ac system, the other pair for heater hoses. The ac hoses are usually a combination of aluminum tubing with high pressure hose. Heater hoses are all rubber. Inside the hvac box should have the blower motor and one, two or three mode doors to control heater, ac, temperature and which way to divert airflow (floor, defrost, face/floor, recirculate. If the blower doesn't run then check for a blown fuse in the engine fuse box.


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