Why is my New Screen not responding?

O.K. Here's the situation, as my first time repairing my iPod Touch 4G, I have already broken the Volume/power copper ribbon cable as it was glued with the metal shield and I did not know that, and including the speakers that were glued to the metal shield, that I also broke, but, I went on to repair my screen.

I replaced new screen and attached the digitizer and screen cable properly and the screen loads to main screen. I try to put pass code in but it doesn't respond to my touch. I doubled check to make sure every connectors were connected properly. I also made sure both camera connectors were plugged in as well.

I just need to know how to get my screen to respond and that way I can order new Volume/Power copper ribbon cable so I can attach it back to Logic board via soldering and reconnect the speakers as well.

Also if your're wondering how did I power on the iPod Touch 4G after breaking my volume/power ribbon cable, I simply turned it on by connecting it with my Laptop and it turns on.

EDIT: This is the picture here where I fixed the broken problem. I repaired t volume/power button, had hard time soldering it, ended up just using electric tape, works just fine, repaired audio blue cable and added a custom one and know for a fact it works as every things was soldered correctly. And I still haven't taken out the new sticker from the inside of LCD screen to show you it's a new screen.


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I have repaired my Volume/Power cable and the Audio Cable I broke. I had to completely make sure every cable was connected and everything was working properly. The screen is still not responding at all, I can't slide to unlock or anything, This is a new screen I Purchased... Please I need help!


Note ipod touch 4g the digitizer and LCD should always be bought attached together never buy them separate it wont function correctly.


I have bought the screen together as an assembly for $30, I shipped it back and got a a new one and it works, it was a faulty screen.


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