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Repair and disassembly information for Sony WH-1000XM2 wireless noise-cancelling over-ear headphones.

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The red charging LED indicator does not turn on

I followed the disassembly instructions on this page and managed to open the headset, but I haven´t replaced the battery yet. When testing the voltage with a multimeter, it says 3.2volts, and the headset indicated that the battery level is low. However, when connecting the USB charger, I have the same problem that the red charging LED indicator does not turn on, and when measuring the voltage while charging, the battery still says 3.2 volt. So my conclusion is the same as yours, it is probably not the battery but the charging board that has a failure. I haven´t found any instructions on how to replace that yet. I am re-considering if this is a sustainable repair or not...?

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Take a look at the charge connector solder joints on the board. They are know to crack through time and connecting and disconnecting the cable. Might be something as simple as re soldering the connections.

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@olsensan I think you are on the right way and I also believe in fixing things. Keep going with your excellent troubleshooting. The only thing I suggest at this time is that you get yourself an inexpensive USB Ammeter and see if your headset draws any amperage. Your battery voltage does not change which could be okay at 3.2V but lets see what happens when you plug it in and monitor the amperage. also, check the actual charging port to make sure that it is clear of any debris and nothing bend or corroded. Then try another cable and USB charger to see if that helps.

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