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The Stylo 6 is a midrange stylus-slate Android smartphone released by LG in 2020. Identifiable by model number Q730, followed by carrier or version-specific characters.

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I think my charging port aint working right

My charging port on my phone when i plug my charging cord to charge it an it wiggles up an down a little what does that mean in my lg stylo 6

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Hi David,

Outside of the power and volume buttons, the charging port is the hardest working part of most any phone; it's typically plugged and unplugged at least once and often several times a day, and when it's plugged in it's vulnerable to damage from the connector being forcefully flexed.

That all adds up to the fact that if anything in a typical phone is going to wear out first, it's pretty much always going to be the charging port. You don't mention whether the amount of wiggle room you're seeing is causing any problems for you. Typically if the charging port is damaged you'll see problems with charging the phone and/or connecting it to other devices. If you're not seeing issues then a little bit of looseness in the connector is probably not that much to worry about; most likely just normal wear and tear.

If you are seeing problems or just want to put in a new port to make it like new again, you definitely can. Fortunately on your phone you can buy the port by itself pretty cheaply (as in under $5 USD) and the repair is only of medium difficulty.

Sorry to say there aren't any guides here on iFixit that can help you out, but they're not hard to find on YouTube. Here are a couple of quick links I came up with for buying the part and showing you how to replace it.

Replacement Charing Port Flex Cable for the LG Stylo 6 - Injured Gadgets


Hope this helps.

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