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L'HP EliteBook 840 G2 est un ordinateur portable avec un écran 14 pouces commercialisé le 2 décembre 2014.

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Bugging when plugin charger

Hello guys,

When I plug the charger the laptop is bugging.

I can't do anything. Everything is slow, even the START menu cant be launch.

But when I remove the charger Everything works fine. The problem is also I cant see the battery icon in taskbar and it going off without any notification of battery dischatging.

Please help

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Try to completely discharge your computer: remove the battery, hold down the power button for 10 seconds, and reinsert the battery.

If that doesn't work, run HP's power adapter troubleshooting tool at

Third, try a factory data reset to remove any faulty drivers or software that could be causing the glitches.

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