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This Audi A6 model received a facelift in 2001 for both sedan and Avant versions. The revised A6 sedan featured a new grille design and different headlights, while also being fitted with a wide range of petrol and diesel engine configurations. Most of these powerplants received a boost in power outputs.

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Why won’t my radio turn even after I buy a new radio?

My radio won’t turn on before it went out completely ot would turn on and off at any time while the car was on. I bought a new radio it still has not worked. How do I fix this??

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You'll need to verify it is getting power. Check the fuse for the radio. Also check that it is getting power to turn on when ignition is turned on. I want to say yellow wire? Not positive. Check your wiring diagram for the new unit to make sure where power should be coming in at.


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Ensure the proper fuse(s) are in place and working properly

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