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Rectangular Form Factor / 16 GB capacity / Announced September 12th, 2012

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My screen has a weird purplish tint on half of it and it is spreading.

My iPod Nano was in the bottom of my lunchbox with a few containers and a quite heavy water bottle. There was no water in the lunchbox and the water bottle was sealed very tight. For some reason, there is a purplish tint that started at the bottom corner but then spread to fill half the screen. I might upload a picture so everyone can see the damage. The screen and touchscreen still works and there is no visible damage to the glass but I would like to see if anyone knows what is going on and if it is repairable/replaceable.

Thanks for your help!


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It sounds like the LCD has taken a hit from something heavy. This has caused damage to the LCD. Oddly, I can’t guarantee it will continue to get worse, I have seen some get better. However, the problem will most likely appear in the future. I’d get the screen replaced. If you feel confident enough, I have attached a link to a detailed guide with repair steps for this. The part itself can probably be picked up for around £10

Remplacement de l'écran d'un iPod Nano 7ème génération

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Hi @diode_cool

What might have happened is the connector for the battery/screen may have taken a hit and became loose

I would take it apart and see if the issue persists and if it’s still there replace the display as it could be internally damaged

If you do attempt this repair please get youse self some liquid and tape adhesive as that’s basically what these 7th gen nanos are made off

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Thank you! I will try that!



I hope all goes well for you

I recommend following this guide

Remplacement de l'écran d'un iPod Nano 7ème génération

As these iPod aren’t the easiest things to open:-)


@hellomacos Awesome. Thank you for all your help.



Your most welcome

If you need anything else please ask:-)


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Troubleshooting iPods Is Easy With The Five R’s

Reset your iPod by turning it off and on.

Retry the connection to your computer with a different port or cable.

Restart your computer and try everything again.

Reinstall the latest software updates on your iPod or computer.

Restore your iPod to factory settings, erasing all the content from it.


Rachel Gomez

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It is a screen issue though.


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