Why my TV picture comes after some time of being on

My TV is a Samsung Q8F 2018, model code (QE65Q8FNA)

The problem started with weird flickers when the volume is loud, when there's a basy, kick sound like an explosion or bass in a sound, then the screen flickers or turns off, and sounds remains.

After some time the TV turns on but only the backlight and the sound is working, no picture I can cast things from YouTube and Netflix I can hear the sound but the picture comes after some time, if I leave it on for long (30-45mints) it works fine, if I turn it off and stays off for some time the pictures doesn't come on, unless I wait for sometime or press the one connect cable behind the TV.

I just bought a new cable for a 100$, but it turns out the issue is not the cable, I've spent a 1000$ on this TV and I'm bleeding money over it, please help me

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Can you take the back off the TV and upload pictures of the circuit boards? Ajout d'images à une question existante


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