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General repair information on LG washing machines.

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Excess water from drain pump hose after each load

I have an LG WM3050. I have to drain the water from the drain pump hose after every load, and it drains at least 2 cups. If I don't drain it, water ends up on floor under machine on next load. I took the washer apart, checked all the hoses, and replaced the drain pump with a new one. Still happening. There is no water left in the tub when load is finished, and clothes aren't too wet, so I know the water is clearing the tub. Anyone know what could be causing this problem?

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Tammy Markwell there is a pressure sensor that is used to determine water level. Unplug it and blow it out and then see if that made a difference. I am checking to see if I have a manual to show this a bit better.

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Thanks I will try this next!


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