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The Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC 3830. It measures 8.1 cm by 13.3 cm. It was introduced by Compaq in April of 2000. iPAQ was borrowed from Compaq's earlier iPAQ Desktop Personal Computers. The device used a Windows Mobile interface.

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Replacement battery purchase for Compaq/HP H3835

Hi guys 👋

Maybe someone knows a place to buy a replacement battery for Compaq iPaq H3835 or 3850 or any other in 3800 series (could be either Compaq or HP).

I have the following info on the battery:

  • 35H00004-00 Compaq HP iPAQ H3800 H3900 1600mAh Li-Polymer 3.7V
  • Replaces the following HP batteries:
    • 233488-001
    • 263897-001
    • 35H00003-00
    • DLP345794
  • Works with the following HP/Compaq iPaq devices:
    • iPAQ H3800iPAQ
    • H3830iPAQ
    • H3835iPAQ
    • H3850iPAQ
    • H3860iPAQ
    • H3870iPAQ
    • H3875iPAQ
    • H3900iPAQ
    • H3950iPAQ
    • H3955iPAQ
    • H3970iPAQ
    • H3975
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Hi @alexanderre

Searching for part # 233488-001 found this webpage which shows that it is suitable for a HP-3835. The part number is also shown down in the "Compatible with" section lower down on the page.

The part number of the battery on the above page i.e PDAB-263987-001 found lots of suppliers. Here is just one to give an idea of the cost. They also state that it is for a HP-3835.

Just some options to try.

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Hi, thanks a lot for that 🙏 I also found a list of probably similar batteries from different manufacturers, sadly I'am yet to find a seller who has them in stock, preferably in the US or Europe 😞



The one I linked is in the USA and has it in stock according to the webpage.


managed to open it through vpn - won't load otherwise, thanks, will try ordering the battery there 🙏


Did you order a battery? I am in need of one as well but wanted to see if you were able to get one. TY


Sorry for a late reply - nope, not yet, it's on hold for me as of now. Let me know if you've managed to get one. For me it's complicated because of batteries are not welcome for overseas shipping and I need it to fly to Ukraine


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