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La manette sans fil Xbox One 7MN-0001, fabriquée par Microsoft, est généralement utilisée avec la console Xbox One, mais elle peut également être utilisée avec un PC.

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after the 20 sec connect pc it dısconnects and starts blinking

i m connecting it with blothoot i tried to connect my phone and it worked but now i m trying connect pc but it doesnt

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You will most likely need to update the firmware. To do that via PC:

Download the "Xbox Accessories" app from the Microsoft Store, connect your controller via USB to your PC and you should get the option to update the firmware.

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i udated it and i updated bluetooth and i recconnect gamepad and restarted pc i dont have warranty in the box there is a paper which says you can connect with bluetooth


@alikerem uzun Yes you can connect with Bluetooth, but to update the firmware on the controller, you need to use USB. Since you updated the controller firmware, has there been any changes?


no i updated computers bluetooth and first of all i updated gamepad with cable


@alikerem uzun So are you still having the same issue? If so I might have another Idea


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