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Released in May of 2020, Model Numbers: SM-A217F/DS (Global), SM-A217F/DSN (Russia), Processor: Exynos 850, 3GB/4GB RAM, 6,5" inches display, 5000 mAh battery with 15W fast charging and USB type C.

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My phone not charging with original charger

It won't charge with original charger

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Hi Ishan

Did you try troubleshooting? (Different Plug, charging block, cable, etc..)

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Yes it charges with a local charger


@Ishan Sharma

Is their any sort of black markings on either end to indicate that the factory charger may have shorted out then?


No man my brother use the same charger everyday it works totally fine on his phone


So when you say it's not charging, is it not fast charging? Or is not charging at all?


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Yes it's original charger

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