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The HP Pavilion dv9000 series was introduced in 2006.

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HP dv9000 fan motor makes noise, after 10 min. of operation.

The fan makes noise, around 10 minutes after startup. It's very loud, but does not seem to effect the operation of the computer in anyway. I believe it's the fan because when I place the running computer upside down, the noise is louder, and it comes from vent holes below the visible spinning fan. Can this be replaced or repaired by me? Or should this be turned over to a computer repair company? I have seen a copy HP's repair manual for this series computer, and if I understand it correctly, the tare down is quite long to get to the fan. It's one of the first items installed. Everything in the laptop is built around it, and so, one of the last components to be removed. Is it even worth it to be repaired? The computer is about five years old.

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The fan is running faster to try and cool your system.

Perhaps there is excessive dust in the system. Try putting your vacuum cleaner hose close to the vent holes in the side and bottom of the laptop and sucking the dust out.

It could be the fan is in need of replacement. Not a particularly hard job - look HERE for the Service guide section 5.25 in particular

A good clean and replacement of the thermal pads on the heat-sink may be all that is required - ref page 5-82 thermal pads. If the fan is faulty, Page 3- 9 (item 16) has the part numbers for the heat-sink/fan assemblies which include the thermal pads.

AMAZON appear to have a replacement fan (no heat-sink)

Also if you are using a CPU or GPU intensive program, the system may be running hotter than usual - My laptop almost levitates when the BOINC screen saver kicks in!

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I've yet to see a laptop fan "fail".

9/10 it's the dust. If not, take the fan off, pull the blades straight off (gently), wipe shaft clean with Toilet tissue(magical stuff) and put a bit of Vaseline in there. WD-40 does not work well.


Also, be very careful with the motherboard. These things are more fragile than glass!

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