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HP Pavilion Notebook Laptop 15-ab293cl includes a, B&O play, and a 15.6 inch display. It is a multi-use personal and portable laptop manufactured in 2015. It features a 1080p touch screen display and a SD slot.

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Laptop power on issues

SD card usb lan cable


Update (09/16/2022)

Block Image

This white cable is damage i want this

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A little more detail please if you can?


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You will need your exact model number as explained in the HP parts surfer link:

You could also download the Maintenance and Service Guide for your model.

Just type in your exact model number and "Maintenance and Service Guide".

This is one possble site:

They may only sell the the cable with the whole part as in your photo.

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Perform a hard reset.

Inspect the AC adapter, cables, and adapter (DC) port on the laptop for damages.

Verify that the wall outlet is working correctly.

Check the LED indicator on the AC adapter.

Connect a known-good AC adapter.

Disconnect the laptop from the docking station (if applicable)

Run a diagnostic test on the system board


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