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*USB Type C Cable Assembly for charging LG phones *The charge box is called Travel Power Adapter EAY64469128

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How to fix it?

Not able to charge my phone

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Cables can be repaired but a lot of the time it isn’t worth repairing as with cables they struggle to last due to how they are used and how compact they are but it really depends what’s wrong

If it’s not charging make sure your device is plugged into a wall adapter that’s is compatible with your cable

It could also be damage related too so you will probably have to take the end off and desolder the cables to the pads that they belong to, the only issue is this is very hard and it could be a connector issue too so if you don’t know what the issue is for sure you could find yourself going down a rabbit hole

So my advise would be to ether dell or recycle the cable and buy a new one

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Repair my usb phone cable

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