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The LG V50 ThinQ (also called the LG V50 ThinkQ 5G) Android smartphone was produced by LG Electronics as released as part of the LG V smartphone series. It was released in April 2019 as the successor to the LG V40 Think Q. Models: LM-V500, LM-V500N, LM-V500EM, LM-V500XM, LM-V450PM, LM-V450.

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Fingerprint not work lg v50

My fingerprint not work so i open the phone and got one connector pin is broken , how can i solve that , thanks

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for your answer :)

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If the Pin literally broke off, then you'll have to Micro-Sauter the pin back on. It's not easy as an FYI


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That picture is useless. You’ll have to remove the screws and the panel to expose the board properly to see if it’s a pin that’s missing or not.

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Sure, the picture is useless cause i take it from yt for sample, i cant take photo of the board because my phone just one, but im done to open the phone and send the sample picture from yt to explain what i see :), soryy for my bad english


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