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The Panasonic SC-PM31 is a CD stereo system that has a cassette tape player, 5-disc CD player, and a radio. Released March 2005, Model number SC-PM31. It comes with a main stereo control unit and two speakers. This repair page focuses on the main unit.

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I'm trying to find a replacement volume knob for my stereo

I'm trying to find a volume knob for my stereo do you have any

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Hi @vinyllover_86

Ifixit does not carry any parts for your player.

Seems like you may be out of luck.

The Panasonic part number for the Volume Control knob is RGWV0035-S This part is no longer available.

An equivalent part is RGW0406-S1. This part is also no longer available

The original part number is the same for both the SA-PM31E (see page 114 item #20) and also the SA-PM31P (see item #19) models.

The closest that I could find was a RGW0406-S (scroll down the list to find it) which may not be exactly the same as an -S1. The list was accurate as of 27/03/2021 so you may have to contact the seller if you wish to enquire further.

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