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Annoncé le 13 octobre et sorti le 23 octobre, le smartphone vedette 2020 d'Apple est doté d'un écran OLED de 6,1 pouces, d'une caméra arrière à triple objectif avec LiDAR et de la 5G. Il succède à l'iPhone 11 Pro.

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Rebuilding the Pacific Blue color on iPhone 12 Pro following some chip


I have some chipping on the frame of my iPhone 12 Pro . The screen was replaced and looks perfect, but there's a minor discoloration of the frame at the previous hit site. I was wondering if there's any way to restore the color ahead of a trade in and what color should I use for Pacific Blue. Thanks!

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Really there is only 1 permanent fix that will look good and that would be to re-anodise the frame but doing that would require a full disassembly of the iPhone and a lot of equipment

You could try using a permanent marker like a sharpie that is a similar colour or the same colour as I have heard that brand specifically sticks quite well to things like this

I don’t recommend painting it as it would most likely have a different finish and be quite obvious

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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