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A 2-in-1 convertible laptop released by HP in August of 2017. It can be identified by model number 1KS75UA.

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Blown diode, not sure which one?

Block Image

Hi all

Can anyone tell me if this is a zener diode or just a normal diode? I've measured the part and it's a sod 323 or sod 323f package.

Numers 551. 03.

One of these is blown and laptop not switching on.


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Physical Specialist what is the motherboard number.? Post an image zooming out and showing the board. Then let us know what the reference designator for the (blown, not similar,0 diode is and mark its location. The markings look like a (RB)551-35 Schottky diode but it all depends on the maker of it etc. So, without the schematic I still consider this a guess, no matter how educated :-)

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