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PC won't boot up

After a bios update my laptop stopped to boot up. The fans are working the caps lock light is on however the screen is black.

I have tried to hold the power button for 30 secs, tried also to press F2 repeatedly after the power on and repeated the same procedure with F12 on another time. But none of the above have worked.

Any idea how to fix this issue?

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How about F11?



Try using a paperclip and press the Novo button (small hole next to audio jack) and check if the Novo menus open allowing you to get into BIOS.

If you can get into BIOS try restoring it to default option and check.

Just a thought.


@nytryder26 I just tried it unfortunately it did not work



The reset button did no effect to the laptop 😓


Hi @Ahmad Rustom

Was the laptop unplugged and the battery removed when you pressed the power button for 30 seconds?

Removing battery video:


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Remove external storage. To determine your boot order, restart your system, unplug any external storage or flash drives, and enter the BIOS by pressing the appropriate key during the startup process. 2. Navigate to the Boot section of the BIOS.



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Thanks Well, but my laptop is not responsive to any key and showing nothing on the display. I only see the Capslk light always on and hear the fan working.

The only thing I noticed that I have control over was the FnLock button light.


hi @Ahmad Rustom

i have a Lenovo laptop ideapad flex 5 similar to yours. it seems i have the same proplem with the same details as you described because of that bios update.

so if you have your laptop fixed please let me know where the proplem is and the solution for it

it will save time for me as i need the laptop for work.

regards Mohamed Hossam


motherboard dead

sam for me

have to replace the board


Same as mine. Now the onsite support tech is replacing the motherboard


Did you gentlemen find replacement boards? Seems this is a common problem after bios update. Found a video on YouTube. Mkcomputer service. He de solders the bios chip and refresh it but it not my language.


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