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Released in Sept, 2018 by OPPO

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Why is my phone not getting 4G network?

My phone 4g network problem

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Network problem relme note 4

=== Update (08/16/23) ===

Relme note 4 mobile Networks problem


Realme note 4 Network problem


My 4g network in realme c1 room network weak mobile tower antenna is weak


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Has your phone always had this issue or is it new as it could just be that your network provider hasn’t got good service in your area

If you live in a rural area I suggest going to a more urban one as the network providers tend to have better service there

If that doesn’t work try restarting your phone and reseating the sim in your device

Also make sure the metal side of the sim is clean

If you still don’t have service I suggest you go to you network providers nearest store or get in contact with them so that they can try a different sim to see if it’s a hardware or software issue as it could be that your network deal doesn’t include 4G due to your deal/contract being outdated if it’s a old deal/contract

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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