Trans fault flashes then truck won't start after

Ford F150 2007 5.4 triton

Months ago my trans fault light turned on and OD light flashed and when I turned the truck off it wouldn't start again. Had it towed and when it was home it started right up.... drove it, everything runs fine. Since that day if I turn the truck off when the trans fault light is on (which is everytime now) the truck won't start. I can restart sometimes after a few hours or sometimes a few days or after I disconnect battery. Will start right up drives great.... then the trans light comes back on and when I shut it off it won't start. The Neutral saftey switch and camshaft position sensor(bank 2) has been replaced. But it did not fix it. Reaching out for any advice on the next thing to try.

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Hi @ravnmad299,

Have you had the OBDII port scanned for any codes at all?

Places like AutoZone will do this for free apparently.


Free readings of error codes from A-z, to my knowledge, only covers emissions related P type codes and abs errors. Manufacturer specific error codes may not be decoded and require either Ford's scantool or repair shop medium to high end scantool to decode errors. The types of error codes are P (emissions), B (body), C (chassis), and U (network.


As jayeff and F Dryer say, error codes are an essential place to start. You might consider having an independent shop pull the codes as their reader may be more capable. It sounds like you are resetting something each time you wait to restart. When the O/D light blinks it is supposed to indicate a transmission code has been set, and apparently a lot of basic OBD II readers can't read Ford Transmission Codes. Another thing to check for with this sort of weirdness is the wiring harness that runs from the tranny to the PCM (Powertrain Control Module)on the firewall. If this gets messed up it can cause problems. Make sure it isn't contacting an exhaust pipe, or such.


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