New battery drops to 0% after 2 days and won't charge

I've a real weird case here I can't find any info on - not even close.

iPhone 11Pro perfectly healthy but old battery. Decided to swap it for a new one bought online. Followed all steps very cautiously and did a good job. Phone & new battery worked like a charm for 2 days. On the third night, 2hrs after reaching 80%, the battery drops to 0% and stays there. Phone is still ON. Works but as soon as you try pulling an app, go on the web, it reboots. If you leave it lying around it will stay ON for 2 days no pb. As soon as you want to use apps it keeps rebooting. Like if pulling more power than when it's idle, the battery can't deliver and cuts off.

Now I did that once, sent the battery back and bought a replacement from the same brand. Thought it wouldn't happen twice. Actually it did this morning. Again 0%, phone charging process stopped 2hrs after start, reached 80% and then the battery dropped to 0% while still delivering power at trickle rate. When you plug in the power cable or put it on the charging station - it acknowledges by vibrating but there's no signs of charging (no lightning icon on battery). It won't also let you run anything despite supplying the phone with enough power from an external source.

It's like 50% of the battery died and the other half keeps running but won't let power through.

Ever heard or seen something like this ? Could it be that all batteries from that brand are just crap or could it be smtg else ? I'm now putting back my original Apple battery - I'm done with this. I need my phone to work.

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Where did you buy the battery from?


maybe an ios issue as its not the original battery


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