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Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away XL Capacity, model NV755. It can convert from a push vacuum to a hand-held vacuum. Repairs and troubleshooting found here may also be applicable to models NV652 and NV752.

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Shark NV752 :How to remove 3'hose frm power handle to clean w/water

Shark Rotator NV752: How to from hose from top handle with electrical components so hose can be cleaned as I need to run water through inside of hose to remove caked dirt. Would I simply remove screws?

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Hi Sue Bryce,

You could try that; iFixit has a hose replacement guide for a similar model.

Remplacement du tuyau d'aspiration du Shark Rotator NV502

The difference is that your model has electrical connectors to the hose in the handle, so it may be more complicated. Generally the hose is replaced along with the handle, likely because of the electrical parts, so there isn't much information about disassembling it.

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