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Informations sur la réparation et le démontage du smartphone Pixel 6 Pro de Google, sorti en octobre 2021. Identifié par le numéro de modèle GLUOG et G8VOU.

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Replaced the screen and not the front facing camera isn't working

I just installed a new screen on my Pixel 6 pro and now my front facing camera doesn't work. It's showing as all black and when I look at the camera it looks like there's a film covering it

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Thank you Jerry Wheeler. Fortunately, this guy messed up with the sticker anyway so popping the screen off was pretty easy.

Somehow, I neglected to notice when I had removed the screen glass I left the frame without realizing it and applied the adhesive to the top of the old frame.


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Hi Armando,

One thing I've been guilty of is failing to remove all of the protective film that comes on a replacement part; it's easy to overlook and I wanted to slap myself in the forehead when I realized I had to take it all apart again just to peel off a piece of plastic.

I don't know if you bought yours from iFixit or not, but if you did, it looks like there's a piece of plastic on the inside of the camera peephole that needs to come off. Here's a picture from the iFixit shop; I've put an arrow pointing to the piece that has to be removed.

Block Image

Of course, all the blue film needs to come off too, but that's a lot more obvious.

There is probably a film on the outside of the lens as well, but they usually make that transparent so you wouldn't see a full black screen if that was the problem, although the picture would be blurry.

If you didn't buy your screen from iFixit, go back to the original site and zoom in on the inside of the camera lens and see if you can tell if it's got some kind of cover or protection on it; if so, you'll most likely have to open the phone up again to remove it.

I hope that's not the case, but if it is, at least it's an inexpensive fix outside of your time.

Good luck; let us know how it goes!

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Yup it looks like that's what it is. It was a display from ifixit. I wish they would have mentioned it. Now I have to wait until I get more of the waterproof adhesive from them because I don't want to keep opening up the phone. You think the camera will be fine until I get more sealant?


Yeah, I'd just leave well enough alone until the adhesive gets there. I've done enough of these that I always buy more than one sheet of it whenever I'm going to open a phone. That way if I screw up putting it on or for some reason have to open it up again, I don't have to wait for a replacement. It's cheap enough that I don't care if I don't end up using it, plus I've got a ready replacement for any future issues that come up.

Anyway, I doubt that cover is going to cause any problem for the camera, but even if it did, it's not going to get any worse from leaving the screen on until your adhesive arrives.


@therealarmandos, I've gone to the guide and added a reminder to remove the plastic cover on the front camera peephole, along with changing the very first step to tell you to turn off the phone. These changes will have to be approved by iFixit staff, but I don't see any reason for them to be denied. Hopefully that will keep others from running into the same issue you did.


Thanks so much for the help!


awww crap. didn't read the directions as usual. this isn't legos! looks like i'll order some new adhesive and redo it when i have the time. don't care much for selfies anyway.


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I have a black screenish looking camera with a lot of static in it...

It makes sense it's a forgotten piece of cover.... but why make it black 😂🫣

I'm going to have to take it apart again 🤔🤔🤔

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