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Le smartphone haut de gamme Apple de l'année 2020. Annoncé le 13 octobre et commercialisé le 13 novembre, l'iPhone 12 Pro Max inclut un écran OLED 6,7", une triple caméra arrière avec LiDAR et la connectivité 5G. Successeur de l'iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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Remove icloud lock iPhone 12 pro max hardware lock icloud

What handheld tools are needed to remove iCloud iPhone 12 Pro Max Hardware lock iCloud on motherboard

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Hi shirl,

Unfortunately tools aren't going to help you with an iCloud lock. That's a function of the Apple servers the phone connects to in order to provide service and only Apple can remove it. In other words, it's a software lock, not a hardware one and all the tools in the world won't let you remove it.

Your best bet is to contact the person whose account the phone is locked to and ask them to remove the phone from their iCloud account. Otherwise, with all the security features Apple has put in place on the iPhone 12, that phone is going to be pretty much useless.

If it's your own account and you've lost the login information, you can take the phone to Apple and they'll remove the iCloud lock but you have to have the original proof of ownership.

If you bought the phone from someone who sold it as being able to be activated, then you need to return it and get your money back.

Sorry I don't have better news for you, but that's just the way it is with Apple products.

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Plz my. I cloud id remove plz help me

I poor man plz help me


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@djzzmix nothing basically, she’s reported it lost so it’ll be black listed. Also if it’s her account only she can remove the iCloud lock. Easier to buy another phone.

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Hello my x girlfriend bought a iPhone 12 Pro for me that I was paying every months. S she called T mobile that the was lost. I have my iCloud email address and password but the password doesn’t work anymore. I have her mane, phone number and address what can I do in this case

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