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Help! Whea Uncorrectable error


Pc specs

Processor -Intel core 2 duo e7500 2.93 ghz

Ram- samsung ddr2 2gb×2 ram

Motherboard - Asus p5kpl-am in


Graphics card-Intel integrated g31/33 express chipset family

Storage- crucial 240 gb SSD

So,as of my specs my pc is really old...

When I was using it normally 1 week ago it started showing bsod's.I tried every possible way to fix it but I couldn't and I don't want to spend money

I came to that something called genuineintel.sys is causing this WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR (with the help of who crashed software)

Please help me,I study from that and if it does like this everytime I can't study

Help me🙏

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Do you have a backup of this computer?


No,I reinstalled win 100 times


You haven't told us what you tried - "I tried every possible way to fix it but I couldn't and I don't want to spend money".

Please describe exactly what you did and results, if any.

You know it could as simple as a corrupt hardware driver.


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That error along with the GenuineIntel.sys refers to an error with your Intel CPU. It can happen if the CPU itself is overclocked.

If it is overclocked, reset the clock settings to default and run intel's processor diagnostic tool
Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool

Now let's say that you didn't overclock your processor and you ran that test and everything looks good. I would reflash the BIOS. You can get the file here: P5KPL-AM

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