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My "d" key randomely stopped working

I've had this laptop for a bit less than two years, and I've had no accidents with it, no falls, but some while ago my "d" key stopped working, I've narrowed it down to be sure this is a hardware issue but I don't know what exactly it can be. I've tried checking the springs under the cap but everything looks fine down there. Could someone please let me know what I can do to possibly fix it?

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Does the key work when you compress the rubber grommet underneath the key?


@jmehnert I tried pressing on the rubber but no response


Hello, were you able to fix this by replacing the keyboard or just reseating the ribbon cable? I am facing the same issue on my Legion 5 Pro, the "d" key is not working. I would appreciate it if you could share how you fixed this issue.


The problem is the contacts below the rubber button. There are 2 layers of contacts, and they was stuck between them, i presume because of the heat underneath. Just below there is the SSD, and there is no isolation. Bad design! My solution was to put the tip of an toothpick creating a separation between the layers. It has to be really small, because then you have to reasemble the key, and maybe the mechanism must be cut at some places. That was my solution. The key works fine. Replacing the keyboard means a lot of pieces to remove first, and then you have to burn the plastic pins that holds the keyboard, and they are A LOT! and then you have to glue them again with heat. The Legion really has a bad design.


@wallyfernandez This doesn't appear to be the problem in my case. I went ahead and cleaned the contacts between the rubber dome and keyboard, but to no avail. I also played around with the contacts, trying to get them to register a single key press, but that didn't work either, which might suggest this is an issue with the ribbon cable, as mentioned in the solution to this question. Maybe I misunderstood your reply, what was stuck between the key's contacts? Molten material or just dirt? I've blasted under the plastic holder for the top contact with compressed air as well as rinsing with IPA, nothing seems to work. This is true for my "d" and down key, but I am able to momentarily get the "d" key working again by prying up at the plastic frame around the keys (the bezel above the "d" key seems to be the most effective to literally pull up with a pry tool and put it back down, basically bending the frame). Hoping to hear your thoughts on what part of the Legion's design might be responsible for this issue.


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It sounds like it could be an issue with the switch itself, or how the ribbon cable connects to the logic board. I would attempt to reseat the ribbon cable that connects the keyboard to the logic board first before attempting to replace the keyboard itself. If a replacement is needed you can find one here.

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