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The Sony PlayStation 3 Move is a wireless controller that works in 3D space. The Move is paired with a PlayStation Eye Camera to bring the game to life for the player. Repair is straightforward and requires common screwdrivers and prying tools. Motion Controller Model Number: CECH-ZCM1U. Eye Camera Model Number: SLEH-0048.

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How to remove drift when using controller?

When choosing songs on Just Dance games, there is a drift which is very annoying and tedious, is there anyway to remove the drifting?

(I bought this in a CeX shop)

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Have you tried adjusting your PlayStation camera(it applys to what you are doing)

Apart from that the best thing you can do is reset the controllers (here’s how to do that

Ether that or use the controller more precisely as these controllers are motion based and have a very sensitive input

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Is there anyway to calibrate the controllers?



Yes you can

It only works if you are using a PlayStation camera and VR though



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