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Rectangular Form Factor / 16 GB capacity / Announced September 12th, 2012

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screen looks weird like its been exposed to extreme heat or something

i have no idea how this happened, as i have only had this ipod nano for around 2 months and it looks like its melted or something and its extremely fuzzy

yes, that yellowish bit on the right is actually on the screen and not background light

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charges fine, no touchscreen issues, nothing really other than the screen looking fuzzy and yellow in that one corner.

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Honestly I can't find anything official that explains the yellowing. I want to say UV damage, but Im not 100% Sure

(P.S. Nice meme man pfp)


My older brother gave me this ipod (i didn't really wanna say that bc i already have a electronic broken by a family member and don't want to sound like im blaming them lol) and i think he thought using heat would save battery (he was like 14 then, so don't judge him) and im 90 percent sure he put it on a air vent when the heat was on to try to make the battery last longer. I'm not 100 percent sure, but i think that's what happened because a vaguely remember him putting it on a heating vent. thanks for the pfp complement btw


also idk if this helps but it has these dots all over the screen that are darker than the rest of the screen, you can sort of see then if you look closely in the photo


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The distortions on the screen looks to be some form of condensation and the yellowing looks to be something wrong with the polariser layer of the screen

These issues can be fixed by replacing the LCD using this guide

Remplacement de l'écran d'un iPod Nano 7ème génération

Also here’s a link to the part you will need

Depending on if the marks are on the under side of the touch screen you may need this part too

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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thank you for the links, i will look into this


also, can you find a white digitizer as the ipod is white and sliver.


thank you!!!



Your most welcome:-)

Let me know if there’s anything else



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