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How do I calibrate the optical fingerprint sensor Samsung Galaxy A70?


I am trying to repair a Samsung Galaxy A70 with a previously replaced display.

After this replacement, the fingerprint sensor doesn't work. The sensor might be broken but I was trying to do a calibration to see if it is really the case.

I found this tutorial but the app doesn't work on my device (Comment calibrer lecteur d'empreintes digitales)

I also found this video using the app, but I can't find where to open this calibration menu

Here are the status of the sensor (see linked images)

Block Image

Block Image

Thank you !

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On some A series Samsung phones the fingerprint sensor stops working completely after screen replacement. Don't think there's much you can do.

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A705Fn . 1 Week ago I Change sensor finger after tha not work this sensor , l replace LCD at2 years ago ،،، now Downgrade at 9 android read the finger but when update at 11 version , finger not action and error need calibration needed showen،،،

I NEED the help them

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